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on April, 2. 2012  annaline van blerk wrote:
Excellent site..I love the layout of your webpage also and of course the Smurfs..always the Smurfs. Enjoy them...I am sure you do.
on February, 3. 2012  Tojo wrote:
I've just been spending some time browsing through your website Christy. You have some truly wonderful smurfs - a fantastic collection!!! All those musters & promos - amazing!! :-0
on January, 20. 2012  Christy wrote:
Hey Christy, my name is Christy too! Great name and great Smurfy collection!! I started collecting back in 1999 but lost my funds and the lack of gumption and didnt know there was so much out there. Now that I'm home recovering from surgery I spend a lot of time looking at everybody's collections and getting so jealous that if I had just kept it up I would have to much!! And before the new movie came out! I just kills me< I was on the Smurfbandwagon way before Sony decided to market it. Anyway, I wanted to say, great job and great name! =)
on December, 22. 2011  claudia wrote:
dear christy, your little blue village is amazing! what a collection! there are smurfs i´ve never seen before. beautiful pics, looks like a lot of heart into it.
on December, 1. 2011  Sherry wrote:
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